Brand Publishing for a Wider Audience

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For all B2C marketers, today’s biggest challenge is one of brand awareness: why would anyone buy your product if they’ve never heard of you? A well-run, sophisticated brand publication is the leg-up you need: traffic to your website soars, as do shares of your content on social media. What’s more, the boost in awareness online translates to product awareness offline. L&T provides the editorial engine to power your B2C content marketing program and establish a culture of content creation throughout your organization.

An Active Social Media Presence

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When you’re regularly creating content, you have the opportunity to share a consistent brand message across all social media channels. Simply put, you have something interesting to say every day. L&T takes this approach a step further: we maximize your visibility on all platforms with engaging and informative social content and build authoritative profiles with large followings in relevant communities. 

Content Worth Caring About

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Most importantly, L&T understands that consumer marketing is ultimately an empathic venture, and that means producing content that people will genuinely care about. Our grassroots approach to B2C content equates to stronger social engagement, more original stories, and wider readerships.

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