UK Mothering Sunday Celebrated With Touching Google Doodle

If you’re not in Europe, you may have found it odd everyone was talking about Mothering Sunday a couple of weeks early…

Google celebrated Mothering Sunday yesterday (March 30) in Europe with a new Google Doodle, but you may be confused – isn’t Mother’s Day on May 11?

Mothering Sunday vs Mother’s Day

Well, not in the UK and other parts of Europe, where the 4th Sunday in lent actually celebrates a much older tradition than just honouring mothers for the work they do and help they give.

The Christian Day does celebrate mothers, sure, but the tradition goes back to the mid-sixteenth century where people would return to their ‘mother church’ – the main church in their parish or area – for a special service that celebrated the fourth Sunday in lent.

This also meant those who worked away from home – most likely household servants – would return to their home on one day a year and so became the tradition of giving mothers presents and it became celebrated in a similar way to those around the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May.

It’s thought the act of giving flowers to your mother on Mothering Sunday relates to picking early spring flowers on the way to church.

How Google celebrated Mothering Sunday

As Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day have become interchangeable in the UK, Google decided to focus its Google Doodle on celebrating and spending time with mothers in its Google Doodle.

On March 30, its doodle showed a mother and her two children going on a bike ride in the spring time.

All three characters are dressed up in capes – maybe to represent the mother as a supermum, or maybe just as a little extra bit of fun.

You rarely know the truth behind the doodle with Google Doodles!

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