The best way to spread holiday cheer? Promoting interactive campaigns, loud and clear.

With the ever-expanding landscape of digital platforms comes a growing number of marketing opportunities for brands — but effectively breaking through the noise and engaging with consumers online can pose a unique challenge.

One way to do it? Make the consumer a vital part of your campaign by providing channels for the creation and promotion of user-generated content, and deploying campaigns that actively encourage participation. The holidays present the perfect opportunity for just this type of fun, shareable content. Here are five ways to engage consumers with interactive initiatives this year:

1. Create a Snapchat Filter

ge snapchat

While GE doesn’t necessarily have a “fun,” tangible product to promote, they still managed to create a highly shareable branded initiative with this Snapchat geofilter. This geofilter allows Snapchat users to relay their flight details and destinations to family and friends in a format that’s much more fun than a simple text.

mms dark movie

Where GE aimed for practicality, Target took a much more whimsical approach with their own Snapchat strategy. In 2015, Target released a new filter every day leading up to Christmas, allowing users to send their family and friends customizable (and adorable) snapchats. Of course, every filter also included the bold red Target logo, thereby actively increasing brand recognition.

2. Play Games

marketing games

Addictive, un-put-downable games are perhaps the best way to encourage extended consumer interaction with your brand. In order to convince people to actually sit down and play it, though, the game has to be interesting, unique, and challenging (but not too challenging). Take M&M’s Dark Movie Challenge, for example, which featured a painting in the creepy style of 15th century artist Hieronymus Bosch and required players to correctly identify riddles and references to old horror movies hidden within it. Not only was the game unique and challenging, but it also included M&M characters sprinkled throughout, encouraging customers to engage closely with the chocolatey product.

3. Create a Hashtag

Another simple way to drive engagement is to create an easily shareable hashtag. Take GE’s #GEWinterland campaign, for example. By following the Instagram hashtag from one GE corporate account to the next, consumers could take a visual tour of GE businesses and their partners. As the brand stated, “Through connected mosaic illustrations and animated videos, #GEWinterland maps the modern industrial technologies that touch every human life.”

4. DIY Projects

The Oreo is perhaps one of the most consistently loved products of our time. Despite the fact that the company has been around for over 100 years, their marketing team is always inventing new ways to engage consumers and entice new cookie aficionados to give Oreo a try. In 2015, Oreo tweeted an invitation for followers to personalize a package of Oreos to give as a thoughtful gift for friends and family members. Oreo lovers can agree: this might be the best Christmas present to ever land under our trees.

5. Go Old-Fashioned With a Twist


Sending greeting cards is an age-old holiday pastime, but brands can spice up the tradition with their own unique twist. In 2014, Revlon and Google teamed up to launch a shareable, branded Valentines Day e-card. Here’s how it worked: consumers visited the Revlon website to upload a photo of their partner or friends. Then, they selected a pair of lips in their favorite shade of Revlon lipstick, which was overlaid onto the photo as a perfect kiss being planted on the subject’s cheek. Consumers were encouraged to share their custom photo with the hashtag #LoveIsOn.

Creating interactive content and encouraging consumers to generate their own can be daunting, but there are so many ways to get creative with holiday-themed campaigns. Don’t miss out!

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