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Modern marketers must be more than creators; they most also be collaborators, engaging in conversations with other influential brands via social media.

We’ve already covered how to embed posts from each social platform — but here’s why showcasing your social media savvy can be beneficial to your marketing strategy:

1. Firsthand Accounts of News Stories

In the age of social media, news coverage has become instantaneous. Instead of waiting for reporters to go live or publish a breaking news story, we now have access to individuals directly involved in the incidents via their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Firsthand accounts offer a more personalized look at what’s going on, so leveraging them to support your content is a great way to tell a story without actually being a part of the action yourself.

2. Visibility During Events

Gone are the days of hand-written invitations. In the digital age, hosts create events and invite all their friends with one click on Facebook. By becoming part of industry-specific groups via social media, you gain visibility into upcoming events and can partake in the digital conversation surrounding them. With this porthole into your industry’s cutting edge developments, your brand can incorporate all the latest and most relevant information into content that truly interests your readers.

3. Highlight Diverse Perspectives

You’ve probably heard of the What Color Is This Dress? debate, which refers to a Tumblr post in which viewers were asked to identify the color of a dress. To some, the dress appeared to be white and gold, but to others, it looked black and blue. The question sparked an Internet-wide argument in 2015, with plenty of proponents on each side:

embedding social posts

embed social post

By embedding social posts representative of each side of a debate, you can demonstrate two different perspectives while remaining a neutral arbiter yourself.

4. Validation

If there’s one thing social media is good at, it’s providing a public platform to an endless variety of personal opinions. You’re bound to find someone who agrees with your content’s stance on the matter at hand.

When creating content, consider embedding posts that back your argument or point of view to bring some validation to your standpoint. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Sometimes the perfect YouTube video or playlist is more compelling than a Tweet or Facebook post.

5. Extended Reach

Posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are inherently social. Thus, embedding posts from social media influencers exposes your content to their network of followers in addition to your own. This tactic can help you extend your reach, visibility, and brand recognition.

Social media has become a popular means of communication, so embedding posts from different platforms can help your content become more relevant and relatable. The key is choosing the post (and platform!) that best drives your point home.

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