Anonymous Hacks São Paulo Government

Anonymous-affiliated hackers accessed São Paulo government servers and sent unauthorized mail on the government’s “press” or “imprensa@” email accounts.

Anonymous Hacks Sao Paulo Government

Translated, the e-mail reads:

“It seems the São Paulo government has been hacked! We’ll leave the “big” old media to them, but the Internet is ours.”

Past attacks include Veja magazine and Globo, two major Brazilian publishers, whose twitter handles were taken over in June and September respectively. This time, the attack was signed by @AnonManifest, who posted the following to Twitter:


State representatives confirmed the problem, but also stated that the hack was limited to their email system and emails registered in the state system… Which comes as no relief whatsoever. On the surface it seems pretty serious. More as this develops…

This has been reported by Brazilian sources OlharDigital and Folha.

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