Boyband Union J were trending worldwide on Twitter last week thanks to a hugely successful campaign on Twitter urging fans to tweet using #HearUnionJNewSingleTomorrow. In exchange for the fans’ loyalty, one of the band members followed a whole heap of fans who had retweeted.

Union J are an English boyband that formed in 2012 through the British television show The X Factor. Last week, band members were telling anyone who would listen about their upcoming single “Tonight (we live forever)” via social media channels.

Choosing The Right Social Medium

Discounting the band’s Vevo, Union J have been using all of their social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to inform the masses of their impending single and as a result have found varying shades of success.

#HearUnionJNewSingleTomorrow began trending worldwide on Twitter last month starting from June 19. It featured in the top ten worldwide trends despite the band hardly having accomplished global success; their self-titled debut album charted only in the UK and Italy whilst the “deluxe” version charted for a couple of days in France, Germany, Italy, Australia and the UK again.

If you were to look solely at the band’s chart success you would come to the conclusion that only a huge scandal could propel them into trending worldwide on Twitter.

Preparing For The Campaign

On the same day as  #HearUnionJNewSingleTomorrow began to trend, a member of the band and the official account for Union J announced that later on that day there would be a “follow + tweet spree” with one of the band members.

The “spree” essentially consisted of the band member following and retweeting fans who used the hashtag #HearUnionJNewSingleTomorrow.

  The event began at 8.45 PM (UK time) and lasted for a couple of hours before the band member thanked his fans for their “love tonight” and urged them to “spread the word” about the new single.

Measuring Success You can see how successful this turned out to be from the tweet above and the tweets from fans below. A tweet that read, “Following LOADS of you who RETWEET this tweet #HearUnionJNewSingleTomorrow…Making buttons turn blue!” was retweeted 6,317 times within several hours and favorited almost 3000 times.

Retweets of excited fans wanting to be followed by the Union J band member attracted hundreds and even thousands of favourites and retweets. Hundreds of people tweeted about the new single, almost all expressing their delight at the possibility of hearing the new single the following day when it would be made available to listen to.

Choosing The Right Time To Kick Off The Campaign

The announcement of a new single came three days before the Twitter campaign on the Wednesday. A black and white image simply consisting of the words “Union J” and “Tonight” on a black background appeared on the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on June 16th within hours of each other.

InstagramPerhaps somewhat unexpectedly, the most engagement regarding this image came from the band’s Instagram where the black and white image was liked a staggering 15,200 times and amassed hundreds of comments.

This completely puts the reactions to the images on Twitter and Facebook in the shadows. The image was shared over 100 times on Facebook and favorited 3749 times on Twitter; to reiterate, this one image was posted on the same day across all three social media channels.

All of Union J’s uploads to Instagram receive well over 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments; did this, in any way, help in making #HearUnionJNewSingleTomorrow a worldwide trend?

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