We’ve arrived at the next frontier in content marketing, and it’s video streaming. Make sure you jump on the bandwagon before it passes you by.

Pictures are passé — just ask Meerkat, Periscope, and Beme. At March’s South by Southwest festival, Meerkat burst onto the scene. Just one week afterwards, Twitter announced its own video streaming service, Periscope. Three months later, Beme offered their take on the new trend, in which users must hold their smartphone against their chest to record a video.

The three services were greeted with immediate acclaim, as well as heavy use. And the sudden popularity the platforms are enjoying begs the question: how will live video services influence the world of content marketing?

My guess: the new delivery system will make waves. Big ones. Rachel Parker at Business2Community points out that content marketers can use this technology to develop rich communities, bolster influence, foster engagement, and create a new form of interaction with followers and fans.

Authentic Advertising

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On Instagram, layers of filters and and photo editing tools separate the viewer from the original experience. Live video streaming slices through the facade to capture a more unadulterated reality.

On Buffer’s blog, Nicole Miller reported from a summit on the next wave of social media, including some really interesting comments from Brian Fanzo, the chief digital strategist and partner at BroadSuite. As he explained, “Finding ways to standout is key, [and] video allows raw, authentic, real-time engagement!”

Engaging authentically with your followers and customers offers a one of a kind opportunity to convey a brand’s personality and boatloads of information at the same time. The video feels less like a sell and more like a conversation, boosting the trustworthiness of your brand in the eyes of your customers.

With mobile broadcasting, a brand can humanize themselves while showcasing their broader company culture. Given the current craving for authenticity, live video may have arrived at the perfect time.

Ways to Engage

A panel of women discussing graphic novels.

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Live video streaming opens the doors to all kinds of events while boosting accessibility. If your business is hosting anything from a conference to a one-hour workshop, live stream it. Make an announcement in advance and then post the proceedings.

Is there a big surprise coming down the pipeline? When a new product, initiative, or partnership is in the works, a live video stream can build excitement in advance of the unveiling or announcement. By promoting it extensively via social media and inviting journalists and bloggers to take part, the event is sure to make a splash.

Panels and interviews provide another way to incorporate live video streaming in your efforts to engage fans and followers. In an interview setting, begin with the typical one-on-one arrangement and then accept questions from the public through social media.

But an interview limits the number of experts on hand to only one. With a virtual panel, you can invite four to five industry leaders to take part, as well as a digital audience of potentially millions. Although broadcasting a virtual panel is a little trickier than an interview, the payoff is worth it.

For a less complicated approach, try live video blogging featuring a Q&A. Similar to a run-of-the-mill video blog, the event allows your audience to engage in real time. Once all of the questions have been asked, your company can post the recording on your site.

Start Recording Today

No matter how you choose to use live streaming to enhance your content marketing efforts, just make sure you get started as soon as possible. Technological fads come and go in the bat of an eye these days, and any company that’s slow to catch on promises to get left in the dust.

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