What Your Mother Can Teach You About Content Marketing

Mother really does know best, even when it comes to content marketing.

How many times have we heard our mother’s words come out of our own mouths? No, it’s not just a sign we’re getting older — our moms may have actually been onto something. Marketing Land recently did an exposé highlighting the wisdom behind some of mom’s favorite aphorisms, and as it so happens, she was pretty good at marketing.

Without further ado, let’s run through the rationale behind some common life lessons. Want to improve your content marketing skills? As dad would say, “go ask your mother.”

“I Brought You Into This World, And I Can Take You Out Of It!”

What She Really Means: “Remember who it is you’re talking to.”

This isn’t just a guilt-trip about the pains of childbearing (“I spent 37 hours in labor for this?” is my mother’s personal twist on this classic). Mom’s right — you should be clear on who, exactly, is responsible for your existence, and then show them the appropriate level of respect.

In content marketing, your raison d’être is your customers. Focus your efforts on understanding their needs and values. Forbes offers some great advice on how to build long-lasting relationships with customers: treat them with respect and remind them of your appreciation early and often, and they’ll show you fierce loyalty in return.

“You Are Not Going Out Looking Like That.”

What She Really Means: “Clean up your image.”

Basically this was your mom’s way of saying that people will judge you based on your appearance. But this advice applies just as much to your marketing strategy as it does to your outfit when you go out on a Friday night. In short, keep your style and layout consistent and professional.

For the coding- and/or design-challenged, sites like SquareSpace, Template Monster, and StudioPress offer sharp-looking, pre-made website templates. But no matter what, just make sure you’re doing something to clean up your act. If your visual content comes across as sloppy and amateur, people will associate those characteristics with your brand.

“What Do You Mean That’s Due Tomorrow?”

What She Really Means: “Don’t wait until the last minute.”

Some of us procrastinators claim to work better when we’re under the gun. Though a looming deadline can sometimes offer a good source for motivation, waiting too long won’t just be stressful — it’ll also likely result in careless mistakes and sub-par work. Try using a planner or calendar to organize your time more efficiently.

If you’re someone who often resorts to online distractions when procrastinating, web extensions like StayFocusd can help you minimize the amount of time you waste on the internet.

“If You Keep Making That Face, It’ll Freeze Like That.”

What She Really Means: “Stop repeating a negative action before it sticks for good.”

The “nip it in the bud” philosophy is a good one when it comes to poor quality writing. When given time to fully form, even the smallest of bad habits become nearly impossible to break. Whether it’s chronic spelling mistakes or repetitive word choice, bad writing not only makes you seem unprofessional, but it also repels potential customers.

However, a simple solution almost always exists — use spell-check religiously, find a good thesaurus, or solicit help from experienced editors for fresh ideas and honest critiques.

“If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge, Would You Jump, Too?”

What She Really Means: “Don’t blindly follow the crowd.”

Trends come and go, and what may seem like a great idea today will often turn out to have been a mistake tomorrow. Another one of mom’s favorites is, “Look before you leap.” Research the trend in question and understand it on your own terms before you jump on the bandwagon.

Is it something your customers will find relevant and useful? Think about what your clients want, and identify the things that haven’t been offered yet. Instead of following trends, try to create them instead. Mom will be so proud.

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