L&T invites you to to join us for an exciting and interactive Marketing Analytics Workshop featuring Devra Prywes, VP Marketing and Insight at Unruly ®.

L&T is ramping up for May 24th’s Marketing Analytics Workshop featuring Unruly ® and we’re psyched for the keynote presentation and marketing expert roundtables scheduled on our agenda.

Our keynote speaker Devra Prywes will be presenting on the novel concept of measuring, analyzing, and leveraging emotional response in your audience. Be prepared for an interactive presentation, as Devra will quantify your feels and transform your view of traditional analytics in one evening.

Also on the schedule are roundtable break-off sessions featuring marketing analytics experts from Acronym, OZ Content, CleverTap, SimilarWeb, and SimpleReach. Come prepared with questions and consult with the best and brightest in the industry. You’ll come away with real-life advice applicable to your business.

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While the word “analytics” might normally invoke images of endless excel spreadsheets and indecipherable graphs, any savvy marketer knows that being able to measure your marketing efforts in a meaningful way and learn from the results of each campaign is integral to future campaign success.

With the rise of social media and the millennial marketplace, innovative marketers are now turning to analytics to study traditionally qualitative concepts like emotion and body language. Cutting-edge development in this field includes innovations like facial-recognition software focused on recording micro expressions and decoding viewers’ emotional states at each segment of a video ad.

Other topics to look forward to from Devra’s presentation include the 7 steps to making contagious content, viral video viewing and analysis (with a careful look at performance analytics, of course), and the opportunity to fill out emotional reaction scantrons to engage in the process for yourself.

Devra claims that content’s “social sweet spot” exists in the intersection of shareability, branding, and relevance to the audience.


Check out an excellent example below of a viral video that encapsulates all three of these concepts perfectly:

Please accept our apologies if we’ve ruined soft serve ice cream for you forever.

Learn how to hone in on your own company’s social sweet spot during Devra’s presentation, and join us for a fun and informative night of expert advice, networking, and breakthrough concepts in the realm of marketing analytics.

We hope to see you there!

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