Are social insights guiding your content strategy?

For better or worse, the rise of social media has brought brands closer to their audiences than ever before. As companies interact with consumers in real-time on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and countless others, social marketing and customer service expectations have collided, with marketers looking to social media engagement and feedback to guide overall business strategy.

Thankfully, there are countless ways marketers can use social insights to streamline content strategy and increase brand visibility. Let’s take a look at how social listening and content distribution can work together to improve audience engagement and strengthen customer loyalty:

1. Interact With Your Audience

Ok, this one may not sound particularly cutting edge, but the most important part of social listening is, well, the actual listening. Social media gives brands the chance to monitor customer feedback in real-time, so take advantage of opportunities to address issues as they arise, dispel confusion, and show appreciation to loyal customers. Activewear giant Adidas does an excellent job humanizing its massive global brand name by fielding questions and engaging with fans on Twitter and Facebook. It’s simple: customers feel valued when brands take time to respond to individual queries and concerns.

2. Data is King

Whether you use an analytics tool like Hootsuite or Keyhole, or simply rely on metrics provided by each social platform, endeavor to track your audience’s response to every single social post. Record comments, likes, responses, views, time of post, time of engagement spikes — all of it. If your capabilities allow, determine which devices audience members are using to consume your content and how long they spend interacting with it. Consistent analysis can provide a useful and holistic picture of your brand’s overall social visibility, surfacing trends that indicate your strengths and areas that require improvement.

3. Set Yourself Up For Success

Speaking of social listening tools, brands that are serious about boosting their content model through social visibility should take time to select the most effective analytical tool for their specific needs. The market is filled with different analytics platforms that span a wide range of specialty functions, overall effectiveness, and user experience. Buffer, a comprehensive social media scheduling tool that allows you to analyze engagement, and Buzzsumo, a platform that allows brands to monitor competitor’s engagement and identify influencers, are both excellent options for marketers looking to streamline social activity.

4. Identify Influencers

As you get to know your audience on social media, you will inevitably begin to notice common denominators that unify the group’s social conversations. As you take note of shared interests, recurring mentions, and connections between audience members, keep an eye out for influencers that your brand might leverage to promote your products or content. Whether it’s a major celebrity or niche Instagram star with a large, loyal following, use conversational patterns on social to determine which influencers are most relevant to your consumer.

5. Mention Celebrities and Influencers

In addition to pursuing paid partnerships with social influencers, consider ‘mentioning’ those with whom your brand already has a relationship. You might ask in advance if they’d be willing to contribute to and cross-promote content; or simply start a social conversation you think would pique their interest. If they share or chime in, your brand wins extra exposure — instantly.

6. Go for the Iconic Burn (If You Dare)

And then there’s @MerriamWebster. Proving that the Internet can occasionally be a magical place, the dictionary brand’s Twitter handle was recently embroiled in a social media controversy with Slate editor Gabriel Roth. After Roth tweeted an unpopular critique of a Merriam Webster article, the brand went after him with a savage drag: “No one cares how you feel.” Predictably, news of the hilarious shutdown and its unlikely source sparked glee across social platforms.

Perhaps not a great lesson in how to interact with upset consumers or loyal fans, but when your brand is as iconic as Merriam Webster and you’re looking to increase your social visibility, give Gabriel Roth a call to see if you can’t drum up some positive media attention.

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