Take your webinar game from good to great.

When implemented effectively, webinars are a powerful marketing tool that can boost your brand’s industry street cred and offer a convenient, useful service for clients and peers looking to learn. Thoughtfully executed webinars require significant effort, though, and coordinators are tasked with determining everything from the subject matter to the promotional copy and accompanying social posts.

Below, L&T’s in-house digital media experts Shayna Robinson and Adela Fine outline seven tips for hosting a successful webinar:

1. Partner With a Thought Leader

“Afraid to get behind the camera yourself? Teaming up with a leader in the industry can help eliminate some stage fright along with providing a new, unique perspective on a topic,” says Fine. “They will also bring along their own audience so your content will get twice the number of views!”

2. Schedule a Dress Rehearsal

“Make sure to do a run-through,” says Fine. “When hosting a live event, it’s easy for something to go wrong, so being as prepared as possible will pay off. It’s extremely important to check the timing as well as visual and sound quality before the webinar goes live. It will do wonders for the overall audience experience (as well as for your sanity).”

3. Prep for an IT Emergency

“Another tip when it comes to run-throughs: make sure you understand the platform you’re using and the potential quirks it may have, such as a time lag,” says Robinson. “This is particularly important when it comes to answering audience questions.”

4. Use Impactful Visuals

“Since this is a webinar, visual elements are key,” says Robinson. “Keep your presentation engaging and entertaining, but still informative. Focus on making the information you’re conveying concise. You don’t want to clutter your presentation and risk confusing your audience or losing their attention.”

4. Be Conscious of Your Presenter’s Voice

“Since you’re not presenting in front of a live audience but through a screen, remember to be conscious of your voice,” says Robinson. “It’s even more important to be lively, confident, convey your personality, and not be monotone in your presentation.”

5. Remember: Content Doesn’t Expire

“Keep promoting your content after the webinar has gone live,” says Fine. “The majority of webinar views take place after a webinar has aired, so don’t get discouraged if your live audience is lacking. Make sure to continue to share the recorded content so that you can reach as many people as possible.”

7. What’s the Audience Takeaway?

“In terms of webinar content, approach your presentation from ‘what will benefit my audience?’ rather than ‘what will benefit me and my company?’ says Robinson. “People will be more likely to engage and share your content if it’s relevant and insightful, rather than a thinly veiled sales pitch. A truly successful presentation will be beneficial to the audience and allow them to remember your company if and when they do have a need for your services.

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Author Hilary Krutt

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