The key to social success is keeping up with the Joneses (or the Zuckerbergs).

It’s been a big year for the world’s most popular social networking site. From an algorithm-driven crackdown on clickbait to the recent controversy over the bias of users’ news feeds, it seems that Facebook can’t stay out of the headlines these days. As a digital marketer, it pays to keep up with these developments so you can make the most of your social campaigns.

We’ve put together a 2016 year in review to help keep you up-to-date with Facebook’s ever-changing landscape. Here’s what to keep in mind as you begin to plan your social content strategy for the coming year:

Adblocker vs. Facebook Battle is Strong

Facebook and Adblock have been battling it out since August, when Facebook announced a new algorithm to stop adblockers altogether. Instead of paying ad blocking companies to unblock ads, the idea was to show ads based on user preferences, creating a less intrusive experience.

Although Adblock and Facebook continue to implement new technologies in their efforts to best one another, marketers can use what they’ve learned from this debacle to create more effective social marketing campaigns. Since relevant content does not hinder user experience, focusing on brand publishing is the only way to ensure the visibility of your content. If you produce consistently valuable content, you should still come out on top.

Anti-Clickbait Crackdown Penalizes Misleading Info

Another recent Facebook development is their new anti-clickbait algorithm, intended to improve the quality of headlines that appear in users’ news feeds. Facebook headlines that exaggerate or promote misleading information will no longer be visible to Facebook users.

So how can you be sure that your content is still being seen and shared in light of these more stringent guidelines? It’s simple. If you craft headlines that accurately portray the quality content they’re representing, you should have no issues getting your content in front of the public eye.

Interactive Video Campaigns Gain Steam

By now, you may have heard of digital rollover ads designed to increase consumer engagement. After hovering over these videos, users are prompted to take quizzes, buy products, sign up for emails or take another action to lengthen their interaction with the brand. According to Adweek, these interactive videos will soon be compatible with social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

British tea and coffee company Taylors of Harrogate was quick to jump on the interactive video bandwagon, testing out the technology last year. The brand saw great results, generating “a 35 percent engagement rate with 4,400 likes, more than 250 comments and 400 shares.” Before your competitors follow suit, it’s a good idea to research this new technology and find out if it’s relevant to your brand and your specific marketing goals.

Much like keeping up with Google trends is essential to your search and keyword strategies, keeping abreast of new Facebook rules and updates is important for running a successful social campaign. The more you stay ahead of the game and adapt your strategies accordingly, the better off you’ll be in 2017.

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