Virtual reality, videos, and parallax — say that three times fast.

When it comes to your website design, KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) should be your guiding philosophy. Be unique, be authentic to your brand, but most of all, don’t overthink it.

We’ve been inspired by a few design trends in particular this year — and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store.

1. Banner Videos

Featuring a vibrant animation or short video in your hero banner is all the rage this year. Whether they tell your brand story or inform consumers about your services, videos can add a personalized touch to your website.

banner videos

2. Custom Icons

Gone are the days of stock images and icons: today’s consumer values originality above all else. Creating a custom icon that speaks to your brand’s values can showcase your flair while drawing attention to important calls-to-action.

custom icons

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become wildly popular as of late, and many brands are starting to incorporate it into their web designs. Microsoft, for example, uses this interactive interface to give healthcare brands a firsthand look at how cloud-based services can transform the medical industry.


4. Parallax

One increasingly popular design trend is parallax scrolling, which creates a 3D effect as users scroll down the page. Again, keeping it simple is paramount when incorporating parallax into your website design.


5. Assorted Design / Unique Layers

Assorted design offers a unique way to add texture to otherwise static web pages — check out Epicurrence’s take below, which incorporates layered text boxes into the design. Experimenting with layers is a great way to add depth to the layout of your site.

6. Original Illustrations

One design trend we have implemented in our own content strategy at L&T is creative illustrations. Cartoon-like graphics can make your products and services more approachable by pulling in an element of fun.

original illustrations

7. Authentic Visuals

With so much content flooding the digital space, it’s more important than ever to find original ways to stand out. While stock photos used to be a popular choice for visual support, brands are now using less staged, more authentic consumer-generated shots to capture their true spirit.

authentic visuals

New and exciting design trends are always emerging — but there’s no wrong way to design your website, as long as you keep it sleek, simple, and true to your brand!

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Author Andres Clua

Originally hailing from Uruguay and a graduate of Universidad ORT, Andrés runs design and web development at L&T, generating original, interactive graphics and designing professional publications across a range of industries.

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