When it comes to content marketing, putting yourself out there pays off.

The Internet is saturated with content, and getting yours in front of prospective customers and clients requires more than just a one-off tweet or Facebook post.

Whether you’re looking to build your company’s social media presence, expand into new target markets, increase conversion, or all of the above, you’re going to have to buckle down and get serious about improving the reach of your digital content. Here are just a few easy ways you can promote your content so prospects will actually see it:

1. Blog Everywhere

Don’t exclusively post on your company’s blog. The more platforms you use to get your name out there, the more traffic you’ll be able to drive to your pieces. Start by expanding your reach to LinkedIn, Medium, and even Reddit to tap into new audiences.

There are also niche blogging outlets for each industry. For instance, if you work for a customer service platform, you can submit pieces for publication on CustomerThink. The Huffington Post and Inc also accept submissions from guest bloggers in a variety of industries.

2. Use Facebook/Instagram Live

Using a live feed to communicate with your online audience is advantageous for a few key reasons. First, it’s cost-effective: there’s no post-production for these one-of-a-kind videos — just lights, camera, content. Second, it humanizes your brand, allowing you to address your audience face-to-face. Instead of writing another blog post, try a live Q&A! You might be surprised by how many customers will want to chime in.

3. Partner Up

One is the loneliest number, especially in content marketing. Partnerships can come in the form of content syndication with like-minded publications, interviews with thought leaders, and case studies. Pro-tip: use HARO to get quotes from sources, and then encourage them to share your piece with their networks.

By building meaningful partnerships with other thought leaders in your industry, you can use their authority to reinforce your own. Plus, you’ll drive a ton of new traffic to your site, especially if you take advantage of our next tip:

4. Create Inbound Links

Inbound links — otherwise know as backlinks — are links from other pages that direct traffic to your web page. The tangible benefit? A serious uptick in traffic, and even better SERP rankings, if you play your cards right.

The determination of SEO rankings is extremely complex — as are Google’s algorithms — but getting your partners to link to you is a good first step to becoming an authority by Google’s standards. The more links you get, the more clicks you should expect to receive.

5. Embed Content Links

Sometimes the best content marketing technique is the simplest one. Try embedding content links into your email signature and/or other social platforms — it’ll help pique curiosity from the people you already interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you’re testing out new social media channels or upping your inbound linking game, there’s no shortage of innovative techniques for the savvy content marketer to try. Promoting content across a variety of platforms doesn’t just get you SEO points — it helps establish your brand as a trusted authority in your space.

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