From LinkedIn and Instagram to Facebook and Twitter, social networks help connect the global economy.

Social media: what started as a way for young people to stay connected has turned into a seismic restructuring of the way we interact on a global stage. With nearly one-third of the global population using social media regularly, it’d be an understatement to say that businesses need to maintain an active presence on the most dominant (and relevant) platforms in order to thrive.

But what does a robust social media strategy look like for today’s companies? That depends on your particular business model and the resources you have at your disposal. With that said, 64% of marketers spend six hours or more on social media each week, while 41% spend 11 hours or more — a significant time commitment, but a potentially lucrative one.

What else do you need to know to get your social media operation up and running? Check out our infographic to find out.

social media infographic

Author Jake Dawe

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