Your content tells buyers who you are and what you can do for them — so why are so many B2B content marketers going at their content strategy blind?

Marketers love to say that content is king, and with over a quarter of the average marketing budget allocated to content, it’s clear that they’re putting their money where their mouths are. Unfortunately, while B2B marketers are placing their bets on content, few are actually doing the legwork required to make a content strategy truly effective.

While today’s consumers are clearly on the lookout for great content, many marketers are falling short on delivering it. Only 32% of B2B marketers say they have a documented content marketing strategy and even fewer say they have a documented editorial mission statement — even though those with documented strategies are far more likely to rate their content marketing as highly effective than those without.

But as the number of B2B marketers who say their organizations handle content marketing in stride continues to drop, there’s never been a better time to position your company’s blog as an industry-leading publication. Check out our infographic to learn more:

Content_Strategy-Dino | L&T

Author Madeline Killen

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