For a B2B organization looking to generate leads, there’s no more effective weapon than data.

In the B2B space, business growth and development is all about bringing new clients on board; that’s why the majority of marketers rely on total lead volume as a top metric to measure success. However, just 24% of these marketers actually know whether or not their efforts are translating into lead generation — meaning that they may be funneling their marketing spend towards ineffective strategies. Furthermore, 42% of B2B marketing professionals feel that a lack of quality data is holding them back from generating leads.

Analytics is the key to opening the black box of marketing and securing a higher marketing budget. And as it turns out, generating leads isn’t the only benefit of smarter data analysis. Check out our infographic to learn why knowing your numbers means growing your numbers:

Author Cooper Pickett

Cooper is the CEO and a co-founder of L&T Co. He is a partner of Columbia Entrepreneurship at the Columbia Startup Lab and a 2010 graduate of Columbia University (CC’10). At L&T, he oversees a growing international team that works around the clock to get clients results. He has extensive leadership and team-building experience from his time as the CMO of a real estate startup. He excels as a marketer and strategist — qualities he refined and developed as the founder of e-commerce businesses in the sports and subscription spaces. With the founding of L&T, Cooper brings these strategies and insights to companies worldwide. He participates in Princeton University’s Employer in Residence program, serves on the Columbia Startup Lab’s leadership committee, and speaks on industry panels about entrepreneurship, marketing, and startups. On occasion, he teaches web marketing at General Assembly.

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