Learn what it takes to maximize your impact as a subject matter expert (SME).

As content creators, we have a responsibility to set comprehensive publishing agendas and do extensive research for clients. Our task is to create compelling, engaging content that helps build relationships and increase brand visibility. SMEs, meanwhile, contribute credibility and thought leadership that enhances the impact of digital marketing campaigns. 

There’s no doubt about it – engaged SMEs make for better content. If you’re an SME for your company’s content program, you have the power to leverage your experience for maximum impact.

Increasing Your Impact as an SME

We know that as SMEs, your time is limited and it’s important to make the most of every conversation. To help you amplify the impact of your expertise, here are a few ways you can add to digital marketing campaigns to expand your company’s reach and maximize your impact: 

1. Think like a client.

As an SME, you are poised to sharpen your company’s marketing campaigns. Your marketing team can provide keyword research that helps amplify visibility, but by drawing on your experience engaging with prospective clients, you can identify gaps in your company’s content strategy.

Instead of focusing on presenting your client with existing solutions, put yourself in the position of an industry client and think about your pain points, where you would like to see innovation, and what might be a hidden dealbreaker. Adding a client perspective to quality content will help reach quality leads without explicitly initiating in a sales conversation. 

2. Bring thought leadership to new developments and innovations.

Buyers and clients are often looking for innovative, game-changing solutions to their problems. As an SME, you have access to the latest information, and you are acutely aware of popular trends in the industry, and the value — or hype – they bring. 

Share your unique perspective on what is “new” — especially when it seems provocative or unorthodox. You don’t have to be right all the time. Engaging content that takes a stand helps cut through the noise by setting your company apart and asserting your own thought leadership.

3. Make yourself available for conversations — even if they are outside your subject area.

As an SME, your time is valuable, and you may not be able to talk to everyone you would like to. But taking an open approach to building your network has its rewards. Discussions beyond your immediate industry will bring professional and intellectual benefits. 

What are cross-industry trends that your fellow experts might miss? Drawing ideas from different sources will help position your company not only as experts in your product, but as innovators to watch in a competitive market. 

4. Spend time organizing and managing knowledge resources.

To maximize your time, keep track of the resources you regularly reference and share. These may include industry resources, important statistics, or perspectives from other experts in your field. 

Additionally, if you are a prolific contributor yourself, keep track of the content you publish and any emails you send explaining or clarifying your perspective. Compiling a content list or database will greatly accelerate the writing process, and help ensure accurate marketing content that enhances your identity as an expert.  

5. Stay engaged on social media.

SMEs can exert a powerful influence on their industry by cultivating a social media following. Building your personal brand as an industry influencer helps direct traffic to marketing content and your company website and increase your own value as an SME. If you are new to social media, your digital marketing team can help you develop a series of posts and updates designed to jumpstart your brand.