Our Approach to Employer Brand Building

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We make brand publishing work for employers of all sizes and across all industries. Today’s talent is on the internet, and they read a lot. We make sure your brand is front-and-center with interesting stories and smart writing that communicate your brand’s values and unique perspectives. What’s more, we reach candidates before they know to look for a job at your company by establishing your company as a leader in your space.

Curated Content for Employers

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Your content needs to be more than just interesting — it needs to tell your employees’ stories in a way that brings the work inside your company to life. We learn the ins and outs of your organization by interviewing team members, reviewing and building upon existing branded materials, and extracting the most memorable stories, lessons, and expertise to be found at your company.

Reach Talent on Social Media

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We identify how the best talent segments itself on the internet and build out targeted lists of social groups, pages, and platforms that your brand can reach every day. We then do the hard, human work of developing, curating, and posting engaging social content in each and every one of these communities, allowing your company to gain relevance and cache with the best talent on the market.

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